Appaloosa Stallion

Registration:  ApHC #F-2646
Foaled:  1943
Died:   May 5, 1971
Color:   Blue roan

Double Six Domino
Double Six Domino - Destined To Be A Great Sire

Out on the west Texas range land of the Alamosa Ranch in Vega, Texas, Hall of Fame foundation stallion Mansfield's Comanche roamed with a small band of mares. One of those mares -- an unregistered Appaloosa knows as Susan -- produced a black-and-white son by "Comanche." This colt spent his early years on the 60,000 acre ranch before being sold as a stallion prospect. The young stallion's coat later faded to a blue roan with large, domino-like spots. In September of 1955, Harmon Scales of Lubbock, Texas, registered him as Double Six Domino.

Double Six Domino's breeder, Jack Mansfield, practiced intense linebreeding with his herd. While many of Jack's horses predate the Appaloosa Horse Club, unofficial records suggest Double Six Domino is the result of breeding Mansfield's Comanche to a Mansfield's Comanche daughter. An article by Run Stull, in the February 1966 issue of Appaloosa News, also gives the mare, Juanita, as Susan's granddam on the bottom side. This gives Juanita at least three places in Double Six Domino's pedigree. His grandsire, though on record as the unregistered Dr. Howard, is said to be the Thoroughbred remount stallion Dr. Howard in the February 1966 issue of Appaloosa News.

Double Six Domino's various owners used him purely as a breeding stallion and never collected national points in the show ring. Instead, the stallion impacted the Appaloosa breed by siring 250 registered foals which were, in turn, used for breeding, showing and racing. Double Six Domino earned the National champion get of sire title in 1970 and placed in the top five for get of sire in 1960, 1962 and 1964. He sired 17 race starters who earned a combined $20,766.35. Three of his get showed while the points system was in effect, earning three bronze medallions, one register of merit and 23 points.

{This article, by Michelle Berg, was originally published in the Appaloosa Journal, September 1999, Vol 53, No. 9, "Appaloosa Bloodlines Double Six Domino F-2646" and is used here by permission.}

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(Joe's note:   Double Six Domino was inducted in the the Appaloosa Horse Club Hall of Fame, along with his sire, Mansfield's Comanche, in 1988.)

JUANITA (App Unreg)
LUCINE (Unreg)
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