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Someone said:
"... What the Appaloosa is - is directly related to the people promoting it and thus I have changed my tiny corner of the world and given the perception of a breed with heart and soul through my actions. Can anyone that truly loves this breed do anything less?"

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Special Feature Appaloosa Photos From Somewhere In Time.(New photo added 14 January 2002.)

15 Jul 2004 Updated the registries listing with current information for the Appaloosa Sport Horse Association (thanks to Nina Biehler, Executive Director, ApSHA, for this update.
28 Mar 2004 Made a change to the pedigree of Mansfield's Comanche, changing the pedigree of his sire, Dr. Howard (TB). This change affects the pedigrees of other horses listed at this web site, such as:   Caliente's Baldy, Double Six Domino, Ha Dar Hadley, High Sign, Ima Doc O'Lena, Navajo Britches, Top Hat H., Wego For Cash, and Whats Up Ghost. Numerous other sources will still list the sire of Mansfield's Comanche as The Porter (Sweep - Ballet Girl) and the dam as Janet Blair (Sir Martin - Frizeur). Thoroughbred records do not confirm that pedigree. The TB Remount stallion Dr. Howard is most likely the one sired by Handsel (Hanover - Tarantella) and out of Grace Navarre (Henry Of Navarre - E S J). (Thanks to research by Pat Mefferd, Susan Larkin, and others.)
23 Mar 2004 R Magic Moment was inducted into the Racing Hall of Fame. For 2003, and for the third year in a row, no horse was inducted into the ApHC Hall of Fame.
14 Feb 2004 Made a couple of changes to the pedigree of Prince Plaudit. The sire of Lassie was shown as Booger Red, AQHA 6491. That has been changed. That Booger Red was foaled in 1939, while the grandson, Jauquin, ApHC F-801, was foaled in 1941 - too close. Also, the dam of Lassie, is listed as a Blue Mare, but that is not to indicate that she was the Peavy's Blue Mare (by Bob H and out of a Primero mare) found in the pedigrees of Bright Zip, Goer, J & B's Spotted Fawn, Cooterville Norell's Littlered, Mighty Marshall (in pedigree of Marshall Two Dot at this web site), Peavy Bimbo, Starza's Pine, Three Suns, Wapiti, etc.
13 Jan 2004 Completed the sire and dam information for the horses that have been named ApHC Supreme Champions (thanks to ApHC's Registration Department folks).
12 Jan 2004 Made hundreds of entries to the ApHC National and World Champions listings, adding sire and dam info and breed info of sire and dam if other that ApHC, if breed in known.
5 Jan 2004 Added an article about Sir Wrangler (thanks to Michelle Anderson's article in the January 2004 Appaloosa Journal.)
4 Jan 2004 Added the 2003 ApHC World Champions, thanks to the January 2004 issue of Appaloosa Journal.
4 Jan 2004 Filled in a hundred or so sire-dam entries for ApHC National and World Champions from the beginning through 1985 (thanks to Sally Stoltzenburg's book, The Recorder and a little help from the folks at ApHC's Registration Dept.)
2 Jan 2004 Completed the listing of sire and dam information for the horses that have been named ApHC's World's Best Appaloosa for 1982 - 2003 (thanks to Sally Stoltzenburg's book and the folks at ApHC's Registration Dept.).
2 Jan 2004 Added article about ApHC Hall of Fame mare Bendi Charge (thanks to Bill and Iris Snyder).
22 Dec 2003 Added contact information for the Appaloosa Sport Horse Association and International Spotted Horse Registry Association, Inc, registries for spotted horses.
15 Dec 2003 Added sire and dam information to many of the ApHC World Champions for 1961 through 1979, (thanks to Sally Stoltzenburg and her publication The Recorder, Vol. 3. Get more info about this book from Sally at
30 August 2003
Award-winning equine historian Frank Holmes has put together a study of some of the most influential foundation Appaloosas. With 288 pages and more than 300 photographs, Frank draws upon in-depth interviews with pioneer men and women who championed the breed as he details the lives of 25 horses that anchor so many pedigrees of today's Appaloosas.
If you don't wait too long, you can obtain a copy of "Spotted Pride" (click on the cover below for more information about the book)
Copies are available from the Appaloosa Horse Club, or directly from LOFT Enterprises LLC, Email:      Order form

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"What Is An Appaloosa"
written by a legend in the history of the breed.

"The Appaloosa -- Mother Nature's Most Favored Member of the Equine Family"
3-part article by Cecil Dobbin 

"It Takes An Appaloosa to Produce An Appaloosa"
written by Cecil Dobbin

Take a trip back in time and read about
"The Arabian-Blooded Appaloosa"

"The Good Ol' Days"
One ol' horse lover writing about another

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Appaloosa Photos From Somewhere In Time

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