The Good Ol' Days

by Dick Spencer


Memory has a way of casting a haze
Over what we remember as "The Good Ol' Days."

Ol'Dobbin was a cowboy, an' he rode 'em all...
In Spring, an' Summer - an' Winter, an' Fall.

He rode big ones an' little ones - the fat an' the lean.
He rode some that wuz gentle - an some that wuz mean.

He tried pintos an' paints, an' sorrels, an' bays -
An' buckskins, an' grullas... palominos, an' greys.

He wuz just an ol' saddle-bum, run-down at the heels;
With hard-tack an' jerky, an' beans fer his meals.

When he heard of a big hoss, hid out in the hills...
A big Appaloosey, that might help pay the bills.

Ol' Cece was 'bout ready, for a big change o' luck,
So he scraped up his wampum, an' hopped in his truck.

He got the job done, an' brought the horse back
An' in no time a' tall, he wuz on the right track.

He rode him, an' showed him, an' took him to fairs...
Drove the wheels off his truck, a-buying' him mares.

Then come trophies, an' titles, an' cash-money, too
An' hundreds of ribbons - most all of 'em blue.

The ribbons piled up, an' the trophies rolled in...
An' folks wuz all eager, to buy some of his kin.

They come in from thousands of miles all around,
To see the good foals that he had on the ground.

Cece sold 'em near, an' sold 'em far - but he always sold 'em HIGH.
He didn't mind sellin' his friends a slice, 'cause he always kept the pie.

Now the Flyin' N is a mighty fine ranch, an' Ol' Cecil is the boss
This saddle-tramp is a RANCHER now - an' he owes it all to his hoss.

An' Ol' Cece will tell you, as one man to another...
The "Good Ol' Days" started with BRIGHT EYES BROTHER!

There must be a formula, for all this success...
We asked Ol' Cece, an' he said, "Yes,

If you want a horse with lots of CLASS...
Get a Bright Eyes Brother...with SPOTS on his ---!""

"The Good Ol' Days" was written by Dick Spencer and provides us some insight as to the good natured respect and admiration he held for his long time friend and fellow horseman, Cecil Dobbin.
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