Appaloosa Stallion

Registration:  ApHC #410109
Foaled:  1984
Died:  July 11, 2001
Color: Dark bay or brown

Impressive Andrew
Impressive Andrew
(courtesy Appaloosa Journal)

Impressive Andrew stood under the scrutiny of 149 judges during his halter career. Out of those 149 judges, 133 placed him first. The stallion never placed below second. His dominance in halter came from his halter-influenced breeding. Impressive Andrew resulted from crossing American Quarter Horse halter legend Impressive and ApHC bronze-medallion-winning halter mare Roman Annie. Roman Annie was bred four times -- exclusively to Impressive -- producing Impressive Andrew in 1984, followed by the stallion Andrew Impressive in 1988, and mares Impressive Anna in 1989 and I'm Impressive Annie in 1990.

During his first two years, Impressive Andrew passed hands three times before the partnership of Crown Center Farms Inc., Columbia, Missouri, and K/C Appaloosa Farms, McDowell, Virginia, purchased him in 1986. Crown Center Farms gained full ownership of the stallion in 1992.

While Impressive Andrew only showed at halter, his get have proven themselves in a myriad of events, many with non-pros or youth riding or at the lead. Starza's Andrew, with a point standing of 306.5 at the time this issue went to press, has collected more points in more classes than any other Impressive Andrew offspring. The 1995 gelding, owned by Evelyn and Sara Hernandez of Saint Cloud, Minnesota, excels in classes ranging from hunter in hand to western pleasure.

Unanimousdecision, tied with Starza's Andrew at 306.5, earned all of his points in halter. The 1990 gelding is owned by Jacqueline Nelson of Eatonville, Washington. Impressive Andrew's offsprings' dominance in the halter ring has maintained the stallion's presence in the top five of leading halter sires for most of his breeding career.

Impressive Andrew has produced 339 registered foals who've earned 115 bronze medallions, 16 silver medallions, one gold medallion and one superior achievement certificate. Fifty-three of those foals have earned more than 2,100 performance points. One hundred fifty-five of those foals have excelled in halter and earned a collective 6,160 points and 19 halter superior event titles. Ninety-six have collected a total 153 registers of merit.

Impressive Andrew, now 16 years old, is expecting eight foals during the 2001 season.

{This article, by Michelle Berg, was originally published in the Appaloosa Journal, February 2001, Vol 55, No. 2, Appaloosa Bloodlines "Impressive Andrew" and is used here by permission.}

(Added note)   After suffering for some time due to infection in one hoof that had led to laminitis in the opposing hoof, Impresssive Andrew was euthanized on July 11, 2001.

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