Spotted Pride -- the Appaloosa Heritage Series ™

From award-winning equine historian Frank Holmes comes the most comprehensive study of foundation Appaloosas ever written.

Drawing upon in-depth interviews with the colorful pioneer men and women who championed the breed, the author details the lives of 25 of the breed's most influential early-day horses. In alphabetical order, they are:

Absarokee Sunset
Bright Eyes Brother
Blue Mare
Chief Of Fourmile
Double Six Domino
High Spot
Hands Up
High Hand
Joker B.
Mansfield's Comanche
Mighty Bright
Navajo Britches
Cooterville Norell's Littlered
Patchy Jr.
Peavy Bimbo
Rustler Bill
Red Eagle
Top Hat H.
Toby I
Toby II

Spotted Pride contains about 30 full-color and 300 black and white photographs. Among them are hallmark images that helped propel the breed forward in its infancy, as well as some newly-discovered, never before seen shots of the pioneer horses, men, and women that are credited with taken the breed from near oblivion to prosperity.

Personally autographed, hard-covered versions of the book -- which will be a numbered, limited edition -- will be available around August 15, 2003. Cost of each will be $29.95 plus shipping and handling ($5.95 in USA). Soft-covered copies are also available at a cost of $23.95 plus shipping and handling ($4.95 in USA).

Orders should be forwarded to:

LOFT Enterprises, LLC
2767 Jeep Road
Abilene, KS 67410
(785) 598-2368
FAX (785) 598-2507

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