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The Arabian-Blooded Appaloosa
Mesaoud and the Seglawi Jedran Strain

Today there are many appaloosa breeders who see nothing wrong with out-crossing to quarter horses over and over again, but cringe at the idea of an occasional infusion of arabian blood. Yet, it was to this breed that Claude Thompson turned to add beauty, refinement, and endurance to his appaloosa breeding program. It was the Arabian horse that he urged his fellow breeders to cross with if one was available.

The Arabian stallion he chose was Ferras, a son of *Ferdin (who goes to Mesaoud 3 times) and out of *Rasima (who goes back twice). His blood line is rich in the spot lines of Mesaoud.

In John L. Baker's article, "Mesaoud, the Spotted Wonder" the parti-colored horses of the Abbas Pasha descended from either the chestnut, Al Mahyubi or his full brother, Jadib, a gray. Mesaoud traces to the two stallions a total of four times. Both Al Mahyubi and Jadib are Seglawi Jedran. And it is from these lines, and others, that the Arabian spot lines descend. Those horses that were parti-colored: snowflakes, mottling, white sclera, and striped hooves were a part of their makeup - their genetic constitution. A perfect addition to the breed known for its color patterns and other visible characteristics.

The Half-Arabian Foundation Numbered Appaloosas
The following foundation numbered appaloosas are also half-arabian, bold print, italicized horses are Arabians.
F-6: Sheila by Ferras
F-7: Snowstorm by Ferras
F-8: Painter III by Ferras
F-9: Raindrop by Ferras
F-10: Haille by Ferras
F-11: Sharon by Ferras
F-12: Flash by Ferras
F-13: Chief by Ferras
F-14: Gold Nugget by Ferras
F-15: Margo by Ferras
F-35: Sheba by Ferras
F-54: Kismet by Ferras
F-85: Princess Beryl by Ferras
F-106: Northwind by Selnur
F-177: Buddy by Boerkan by Borkaan
F-209: Red Eagle by Ferras
F-256: Rock-Spun by Faram
F-259: Night Flower by Ferras
F-263: Chief Storm Cloud by Ronek
F-280: Riftan by Raslet
F-298: Sally by Aldebaron
F-299: Flicka by Oman
F-300: Nita by Oman
F-336: Fancie by Farawi
F-337: Stormy by *Ferdin out of Rossana
F-353: Mysti Pasha by San Felipe
F-373: Don Fez by Sahara
F-476: Technicolor by Ferras
F-648: Karab by Karnab
F-660: Nobby by Jasur
F-739: Ghawi II by Ghawi
F-755: Red Cedar by Mahabba
F-768: Calico Jester by Ferseyn
F-798: Zaael by Zaross
F-896: Maui by Muallim
F-902: Surprise Package by Raffles
F-1054: Peter K by Borkaan
F-1257: Cinecolor by Ferras
F-1305: Colo Malai by Himalaya
F-1321: La Vender II by Ghawi
F-1334: Sparkler by Konalla
F-1336: Frosty Ann by *Ibn Hilal
F-1346: Snakes by Jedriss
F-1369: Nipper Kabir by Arabi Kabir
F-1374: Jack of Diamonds by Zik
F-1379: Tiddly-Winks by Razeyd
F-1393: Cooky Rob by Arabi Kabir
F-1394: Lace Plantaloon by Bahrdin
F-1411: Dunez by Ferras
F-1416: Chica Linda by Arlan
F-1419: Flashy by Lutaf
F-1423: Cloudy Day by Himalaya
F-1424: Oswego Jewel by Nasit
F-1427: Nish-i-no-mah by Zik
F-1440: Buttermilk by Rafflow
F-1455: Illumspokanee by Ronif
F-1457: Sha-hie-la by Zik
F-1458: Ia byZik
F-1459: I Eska by Zik
F-1460: Ohka by Zik
F-1461: Wo-Iv-Sto-Is by Zik
F-1463: Alla Palouse by Alla Pasha
F-1464: Scallan's Starlight by Alla Pasha
F-1594: Chiquita's Fantasy by unnamed Arabian
F-1643: Maize by Mahabba
F-1795: Sheikh by Borkaan
F-1924: Brulaya by Himalaya
F-1963: Imboden's Frosty by unnamed Arabian
F-2045: Shiela Borkaan by Borkaan
F-3156: Riley's Purple Doll by Jedriss
F-3528: Miss Tick Tock out of unnamed Arabian mare
F-3717: Wat-Ku-Ese by unnamed Arabian
F-3892: Frosty Knight by Faram
F-4303: Foster's Speck out of unnamed Arabian mare
F-4625: Crow by Ferlyf
F-4748: Plover by Deyrak
F-4819: March Wind by unnamed Arabian
F-4878: Navajo Maid by Roamer
The Mesaoud Lines in the American Thoroughbred Horse

Up until 1943, the American Jockey Club kept its books open to Arabian horses. Of the many Arabians dually registered in the Stud Books, a number of these were descendents of Mesaoud.

The Mesaoud lines in the Thoroughbred include:

*Abu Zeyd

And since all American Thoroughbred horses descend from either/and/or the Godolphin Arab, the Byerly Turk, or the Darley Arabian, there is this extra bit of Arabian blood that many seem not to acknowledge when noting the QH/TB lines. Yet, occasionally all the distant Arabian blood combines and great horses like the Quarter Horse, Doc Bar emerges.
Ahhhhhhhh!!!............ those "Drinkers of the Wind."

Compiled by Jacque Dulin, Copyright © 1997-1999

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