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TaFWeb Award - December 1999
TaFWeb Commended Award

"... because of the quality of your site and the fact that it is undeniably a useful site, I am pleased to award it the TaFWeb Commended Award. ..."

Terry Franks

{If you want to learn about building your own web site, or how to make some improvements to an existing site, Terry Franks' HTML Student Support Pages has some of the best help you can find on the web. His site contains easy to follow tutorials, not only on writing HTML, but also includes site planning, page layout, using FTP, and maintaining your site. Use the above award graphic as a link to this great resource site, or try his alternative URL at:}

From Carosella Family Awards - December 1999
Web Page Design Ruby Award

"Congratulations you've been selected for the Web Page Design Award. ..."

Ed Carosella

From Fantasy Inspirations - December 1999
Award of Excellence

"Great design and theme!! Congratulations, you won the awards!! ..."

Happy Holidays!!
Janet :o)

The Best Design Award

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