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From Cherdoo - December 1999
Silver Award of Excellence
[As of Jan 2003, the link to this award site,
did not work.]

"Hello Joe~ what an incredible amount of time and care you have put into this site! I am happy to present Pedigrees of Appaloosa Horses (APHC) the Silver Award ..."

Smiles and Happy Holidays,

From Intune Web Engineering - December 1999
Proud Winner of
Intune Web Site Award

"Congratulations!!!! You have been selected to receive the "Intune Web Site Award" for outstanding excellence in your web page design..."

Good Luck and continued success with your site!
Richard Laces

From Sky & Wolfer - January 2000
Cool Site Award

"We have just returned from your site and enjoyed looking through it. We have awarded you our Cool Site award. ..."

Sky & Wolfer

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