ApHC's   World's Best Appaloosas

In the early history of the World's Best Appaloosa award, horses prepaid a $10.00 administrative nomination fee to become eligible and designated classes to count toward this award. Prior to 1982, the World's Best Appaloosa award did not exist in the same structure as it does today. A similar award, the World Champion Performance Horse award, started at the first World Championship Show in 1961. Calculations for earning this award were not the same as the calculations for the World's Best Appaloosa award as we know it today. At a later date, the World Champion Performance Horse award was divided into various categorical awards such as Champion Western Horse, Champion Games Horse, Champion Cattle Horse, etc.

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ApHC's World's Best Appaloosas
HorseRegistration # AgeSexSire - Dam Year
Top Train 279748 5 G Dayzon-H - WW Evening Train 1982
RH Macho T252755 8 S House Committee (TB) - RH Silver Heels 1983
Rinkys Royal King 202964 10 G Rinky's Montie - Keeta's Tyke (AQHA) 1984
Cim-Bad 303869 6 G Cimbar Three Star - Pep's Lacey Britches 1985
Furys Apache Slam 279086 10 G Christi Fury - Apache's Snowcap 1986
Play Boy Bonanza 368100 5 G Bueno Bonanza - Horacio Sneak (AQHA) 1987
Truly Cloud CN392245 5 S Hayes' Roman Cloud - Bright Eternal (AQHA) 1988
CR Precious Star CN442125 3 M Rock Star - CR Hot Fudge 1989
Leading Legend 383283 8 G Band Leader - Miss Tommie Van (AQHA) 1990
Totally Straw 461222 4 S Totally Impressed - Straws Impressive 1991
The Rackateer CN427457 7 G Mighty Peavy - Miss Berseemboro 1992
Dynamite Day 412297 9 G Day Lite - Miss Velvet Hammer (AQHA) 1993
Dynamite Day 412297 10 G Day Lite - Miss Velvet Hammer (AQHA) 1994
Dynamite Day 412297 11 G Day Lite - Miss Velvet Hammer (AQHA) 1995
Dynamite Day 412297 12 G Day Lite - Miss Velvet Hammer (AQHA) 1996
Dynamite Day 412297 13 G Day Lite - Miss Velvet Hammer (AQHA) 1997
Dynamite Day 412297 14 G Day Lite - Miss Velvet Hammer (AQHA) 1998
Dynamite Day 412297 15 G Day Lite - Miss Velvet Hammer (AQHA) 1999
Recurring Dream CN507688 8 G Dreamfinder - Night Deck 2000
Recurring Dream CN507688 9 G Dreamfinder - Night Deck 2001
Pleasant Dreams 508043 10 S Dreamfinder - Ms Sonny Dee Goer 2002
Zip Me Impressive 539156 8 S Zip Me Special (AQHA) - Ms Sundownprincess 2003

Thanks to Bill and Susan Theil of Saddlebrook Appaloosas for the input that started this page in December 2003.
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