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6Feb2002 Mansfield's Comanche -- added a short narrative.
3Feb2002 Mansfield's Comanche -- added photo and offspring info.
28Jan2002 Grays and Non-Appaloosa Roans -- added article by George B. Hatley.
14Jan2002 Appaloosa Photo -- another photo from somewhere in time.
25Dec2001 2001 ApHC World Champions -- added list of champions.
19Dec2001 Apache Double -- 2001 Racing Hall of Fame inductee.
12Dec2001 Houston Jet -- added article and photo.
11Dec2001 Breeding of non-Appaloosa Roans and Grays -- Article from 1976 by George B. Hatley.
10Dec2001 Impressive Andrew -- added article about his accomplishments and his death.
17Sep2001 First Secretary -- added data to dam side of pedigree.
07Sep2001 2000 World Champions -- added to champions section.
04Sep2001 Hayes' Roman Cloud, Roman's Straw Man, Roman's It Girl, and Impressive Andrew, -- added pedigree information pertaining to Dakota Sands.
30Aug2001 2001 National Champions -- added to champions section.
22Aug2001 RH Macho -- Corrected information on dam's side of pedigree.
06Aug2001 Rose Time -- Added data to pedigree.
25Jul2001 RH Macho -- Added pedigree and photo.
20Jul2001 World and National Champions -- Added World Champions of 1975, 1978, 1986, 1994, and National Champions of 1975, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1987, and 1987.
09Jul2001 Wild Hope -- Added narrative and photos.
19Jun2001 High Hand, Merry Weedo, and Stayready Bull -- Added photo.
13May2001 Night Deck -- Added photo.
12May2001 Dawndee -- Added info to top side of pedigree.
09May2001 Appaloosa Photo from Somewhere In Time -- New photo added.
07May2001 War Don -- Added info to bottom side of pedigree.
02May2001 Posted Part III (final part) of the articleThe Appaloosa -- Molther Nature's Most Favored Member of the Equine Family
24Apr1001 Crop out -- One person's viewpoint.
12Apr2001 Bendi Charge and It's Golden Girl -- Added pedigrees.
08Apr2001 The Executive -- Added data to pedigree.
27Mar2001 Little Navajo Joe -- Added pedigree.
26Mar2001 Posted Part II of the article The Appaloosa -- Mother Nature's Most Favored Member of the Equine Family
23Mar2001 Wego For Cash -- Added pedigree.
05Mar2001 Rose Time, Time Flies, and Deep South -- Added pedigree data pertaining to Little Chief.
04Mar2001 Patchy -- Added data about his sire.
03Mar2001 Top Hat H. -- Added pedigree data on sire's side.
02Mar2001 Some Kinda Easy -- Added article and photo.
01Mar2001 Added pedigrees of Caliente's Baldy, Night Deck, and Some Kinda Easy
28Feb2001 Index of Articles added.
03Feb2001 Impressive Andrew -- Added article and photo.
31Jan2001 Posted the article The Appaloosa -- Mother Nature's Most Favored Member of the Equine Family
30Jan2001 Added pedigrees of Peter K. and Simcoe's Chinook.
26Jan2001 Merry Weedo -- Added descendants page.
04Jan2001 Added data to pedigrees of Easy We Go, We Go Charge, We Go Easy, Wego Melogy, and Scooter Bug G.
29Dec2000 High Hand -- Added data to pedigree.
22Dec2000 Posted changes to pedigrees of A Touch Of Blue, Brezeabout, Merry Weedo, Prince Plaudit, Prince Shannon, Sir Wrangler, SSP's Misty, and Ulrich's Monarch.
17Nov2000 Three Bars Queen -- Corrected and added more foaling dates.
02Nov2000 Nugget Jim -- Added data to his pedigree.
02Nov2000 National and World Champions -- Added National Champions from 1978, 1985, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, and 1996; and World Champions from 1977, 1984, 1988, 1990, 1991, and 1992.
27Oct2000 A Touch Of Blue and ""Stud Spider" -- Added some color information to their pedigrees.
25Oct2000 Ulrich's Monarch -- Made corrections to spellings and numbers.
16Oct2000 "Stud Spider" -- Added information to pedigree.
14Oct2000 Ulrich's Monarch -- Added pedigree.
12Oct2000 Joker B. -- Added info to pedigree as pertains to Primero (TB).
10Oct2000 National and World Champions -- Added World Champions from 1976, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1989, and 1993; and National Champions from 1974, 1976, 1977, and 1994.
06Oct2000 Joker B. -- Change to pedigree as pertains to Primero (TB).
06Oct2000 National and World Champions -- Several changes are being posted, sometimes daily, to the listings.
24Sep2000 Survey Results posted.
22Sep2000 National and World Champions -- Added 1948 - 1973 National Champions and 1961 - 1973 World Champions (partial listings).
05Sep2000 Perfect One -- Added pedigree.
03Sep2000 National Champions -- Added 1963, 1964, and 2000 listing of champions.
03Sep2000 Rock Star -- Added data to pedigree.
17Jul2000 Mr. Spotted Bull -- 1999 inductee into the ApHC Racing Hall of Fame.
04Jul2000 Three Bars Queen -- Added pedigree information.
24Jun2000 Christi Fury -- Added pedigree information.
24Jun2000 Bull Nunneley, Hayes Roman Cloud, Impressive Andrew, Mr. Spotted Bull, Roman's It Girl, Roman's Straw Man, and Stayready Bull -- Added data pertaining to Snow Cloud and Snow Cloud II.
16Jun2000 Three Bars Queen -- Added pedigree and photos.
14Jun2000 New photo added.
11Jun2000 Roman's Straw Man -- Added pedigree information.
07Jun2000 Abdull's Pok-A-Son -- Added pedigree information.
06Jun2000 1961 National and
-- 1962 National champions listed.
06Jun2000 High Hand -- Added pedigree information.
21May2000 Mr Spotted Bull -- Added photo and narrative.
13May2000 1995 World Show -- Listed the world champion horses.
04May2000 1959 National Show -- Listed the national champion horses.
03May2000 Houston Jet -- Added pedigree.
02May2000 New photo added.
02May2000 "Stud Spider"" -- Added pedigree.
28Apr2000 Rock Star -- Added info to pedigree (dam's side).
26Apr2000 Abdull's Pok-A-Son -- Added pedigree and photo.
22Apr2000 Coinage -- Photo added.
16Apr2000 Booger Chief -- Added photo and article.
16Apr2000 Rock Star -- Added pedigree and photo.
12Apr2000 New photo added.
10Apr2000 Coinage -- Added info to the pedigree (Thanks to Marlene Zavita).
10Apr2000 Peavy Bimbo -- Added info to the pedigree.
10Apr2000 Christi Fury and Scooter Bug G. -- Added info to their pedigrees (Thanks to Ryan).
09Apr2000 Sheza Good Sport and Spanish Viento -- Added info to the pedigrees.
08Apr2000 Added info to pedigree of Chief Of Fourmile
05Apr2000 Added info to pedigree of Booger Chief
05Apr2000 Added info to pedigree of A Touch Of Blue
04Apr2000 Added info to pedigree of Ipana Maid
02Apr2000 Contact the Registries -- Added information page.
30Mar2000 Coinage -- Added pedigree.
21Mar2000 A Touch Of Blue -- Added pedigree, article and photo.
15Mar2000 Three Suns -- Added article and photos.
15Mar2000 Added info to pedigrees of Bright Starlette and Cherry's Leader
      (Thanks to Ryan Jaeger).
03Mar2000 The day this web site hit a rough bump in the road..
02Mar2000 Sundance -- Removed article from the web site.
21Feb2000 First Secretary -- Added pedigree and photos.
18Feb2000 Ha Dar Hadley -- Added article about the first ApHC Supreme Champion.
11Feb2000 New article -- Read "It Takes An Appaloosa To Produce An Appaloosa"
08Feb2000 Apache Double -- Added article and photo.
03Feb2000 Apache Double -- Added some registration numbers to the pedigeee.
25Jan2000 Top Hat H. -- Added some pedigree information.
23Jan2000 Ha Dar Hadley -- Added photos.
22Jan2000 Spanish Viento -- Added photo.
22Jan2000 Stayready Bull -- Added article.
22Jan2000 New look to the web site.
22Jan2000 World & National Champions -- Started new section listing the
       past champions.
22Jan2000 Spanish Viento -- Added photo.
11Jan2000 Ha Dar Hadley -- Added pedigree.
11Jan2000 Apache King S. -- Added photo and article.
08Jan2000 High Sign -- Revised/extended article on High Sign.
01Jan2000 J & B's Spotted Fawn -- Added photo and article.
30Dec1999 Peavy Bimbo -- Added pedigree information and a photo.
22Dec1999 Bull Nunneley -- Added photo and article.
20Dec1999 Minor changes to pedigrees of J&B Big Red and J&B Spotted Fawn
19Dec1999 Corrected ApHC number for Snow Cloud II in pedigrees of
   -- Impressive Andrew, Roman Straw Man, and Roman's It Girl
14Dec1999 Sir Wrangler -- Added pedigree.
14Dec1999 Added AQHA Hall of Fame annotations to pedigrees
14Dec1999 Marshall Two Dot -- Added pedigree.
09Dec1999 Rose Time -- Added article I need a photo
06Dec1999 Awards -- Posted several awards the site received, thanks.
02Dec1999 Ima Doc O'Lena -- Added new article and photos.
29Nov1999 Bright Chip -- Added article and photo.
24Nov1999 Double Or Nothin -- New photo.
23Nov1999 Awards -- Received a Webmasters Award
16Nov1999 Equine Pedigree Webring -- Added link to Equine Pedigree Webring.
15Nov1999 Roman's It Girl -- Added article and photo.
15Nov1999 Starza's Pine -- Added article and photo.
11Nov1999 Christi Fury -- Added pedigree information.
11Nov1999 Double Or Nothin -- Added pedigree information.
11Nov1999 Deep South -- Added pedigree.
10Nov1999 Merry Weedo -- Added article and photo.
29Oct1999 Bright Zip -- Added pedigree.
28Oct1999 Wild Hope -- Made minor changes to his pedigree.
14Oct1999 Changed the ".html" names to most files. Primarily
       changed "brite" to "bright" and deleted
       the trailing "a" on names of pedigree files.
10Oct1999 Roman's Straw Man -- Added charts taking a path of his pedigree
       to Darley Arabian & Godolphin Arabian
9Oct1999 Survey and Input Form -- Added new input form to solicit opinions.
7Oct1999 Site search engine -- Added site search engine at
       bottom of main pedigree page.
28Sep1999 Roman's Straw Man -- Added article and photo.
27Sep1999 Roman's It Girl -- Added pedigree.
27Sep1999 Sundance -- Changed photo at top of page.
23Sep1999 Wapiti -- Added photo of Wapiti daughter, Melody of Love.
23Sep1999 Skip The Color -- Added photo and article.
16Sep1999 Modified page format for narrative articles and
       updated several pages through proof-reading!
16Sep1999 Dreamfinder -- Added photo.
10Sep1999 Wild Hope -- Added pedigree information, top and bottom.
10Sep1999 High Sign -- Added pedigree information on sire's side.
  9Sep1999 Web site awards! -- Received awards -- Thanks folks.
  1Sep1999 Wego Melody -- Added pedigree information on dam's side.
  1Sep1999 We Go Charge -- Added pedigree information on dam's side.
  1Sep1999 Arabian-Blooded Appaloosa Article -- Updated information on *Ibn Hilal.
31Aug1999 Skip The Color -- Pedigree added to the site.
31Aug1999 Merry Weedo -- Pedigree page started.
31Aug1999 Christi Fury -- Pedigree page started, article and photo added
30Aug1999 Double Six Domino -- Added article about Double Six Domino
30Aug1999 Patchy -- Included link to Ms. Anne Peters' web site
30Aug1999 Rose Time -- Corrected to read ApHC Racing Hall of Fame.
29Aug1999 Bright Eyes Brother -- New web site address for Pete & JD Cole.
29Aug1999 Easy We Go -- Added pedigree information on dam's side.
29Aug1999 Scooter Bug G. -- Added pedigree information on dam's side.
29Aug1999 We Go Easy -- Added pedigree information on dam's side.
25Aug1999 Bright Starlette -- New web site address for Pam Graham's link.
30Jul1999 Rustler Bill -- Minor changes to the narrative.
30Jul1999 Sheza Good Sport -- Added pedigree, narrative, and photo of this 1993 Hall of Fame inductee.
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